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How can I use my data to grow my business?

Mining a company's historic booking and inquiry data is one of the most effective ways of driving more bookings. Target both repeat guests who booked with you for multiple visits, and also previous prospects who inquired about your service but who did not book, so they will perhaps choose you for their next outing.

The information that a traveler provides at the time of inquiry or booking reveals elements that may predict future habits.  TravelPoint's proprietary algorithms, matched with third-party data allows for the creation of target lists that can be used for email marketing campaigns, as well as advertising on Facebook and Google.

It's important that my customer lists are not used by anyone else. Can anyone see or use my data?

Each client company of TravelPoint's data is securely siloed on the TravelPoint platform - preventing anyone else from seeing or using your data.

How does TravelPoint get all of this useful data to create a traveler profile?

In the same manner as KFC doesn't share it's recipe, we don't share all of our proprietary ways of how we build our profiles.  However, we do use information that's provided in historic inquiry and bookings records to create a profile.

For example, an inquiry/booking record from a guest named Sarah who inquires in July for a Christmas booking, from area code 214, and is traveling with 2 adults and 3 children allows us to commence on building a profile about that person.  We then append records with a variety of third-party data, to include multiple demographic and behavioral values to provide a lot more information to allow our clients to target their guests effectively.

Does TravelPoint do digital marketing for their clients?

TravelPoint does NOT provide digital marketing services such as email marketing, creative strategy or creation and placement of campaigns.  We work closely with the marketing staff of our clients and with their agencies, who have found TravelPoint to be an invaluable tool to create highly targeted messaging.

How do we add additional guest and inquiry records?

Since every company has different data structures, we customize the ongoing importing of new and updated data on a schedule that makes sense for your business.  Files are uploaded to our secure server and encrypted.

I have my data in all sorts of electronic formats from a variety of systems. Can this work in TravelPoint?

YES!  We have seen everything - from impeccably formatted data with robust detail, so receiving Excel/CSV files from a variety of lists and channels.  Part of our onboarding process is to take all data from all formats, and normalize it, standardize it, de-dupe it and bring it all into TravelPoint in an easy-to-use structure from which advanced analytics and searches can take place.  We promise to make it easy - we've seen it all!

Does TravePoint provide me with new prospects - am I "buying lists"?

TravelPoint users only have access to their own historic booking and inquiry data - but it's structured and appended to allow for very effective targeting.  No other company has access to your records as they are securely siloed in our platform.

Many companies often forget to target previous travelers who INQUIRED - but didn't book.  While they may not be a repeat guest of yours, they are a repeat traveler who has expressed demand for your services in your area, and is in fact, a highly qualified prospect.

My business is fairly new - and I haven't really built a large customer and prospect list. Can TravelPoint help me?

TravelPoint's services are designed for companies who have built a multi-year history of bookings and inquiries, and is not designed for startup companies, or companies who have not maintained booking records.  

We would love to have you as a client, so our advice to you it to immediately commence systematic archiving of all inquiry and booking data in a structure format.  Please contact us to discuss best practices so you can use our services in the future.

If I choose to end my subscription, what happens to all of my data?

We take data privacy and data ownership very seriously.  The first step is data is provided to us using our secure server where the data is encrypted when uploaded. 

After our IT department standardizes, normalizes and imports your data, all import files will be deleted, and you will receive an affidavit saying that the import files were permanently deleted.  

While you are a client of TravelPoint, only members of your company will have access to records that you own.  If you end your subscription, you will receive a CSV file of all of your records - with the export fields: email, first name, last name, phone number, mobile phone.  While we append your records with dozens of valuable fields of data that are used for targeting, use of these data points is reserved solely while you are a paying subscriber.  Your records will be deleted, and you'll receive an affidavit from our IT department confirming their deletion.  

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