How TravelPoint helps you grow

TravelPoint is part of the RentalPoint suite of software and marketing solutions from

TravelPoint makes it easy and effective to use your customer data to grow your business.

We all know we should be using our data to target our customers more efficiently, but when it comes down to it, analyzing, segmenting, and properly using your data can be cumbersome and confusing. Resortia's TravelPoint platform enables travel companies to analyze their historic booking and inquiry data to develop highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Streamline your approach to targeted marketing and make your data easier to use.

How Does it Work?

Travel companies provide their traveler and prospect data in any secure electronic format. We then assimilate the information by utilizing a combination of the primary data, smart algorithms, and third-party data to create rich traveler profiles. Our secure platform houses the data in a format that empowers the staff of travel companies to access, analyze, and search internal data. This data provides invaluable depth to their own travelers’ spending habits and patterns. Companies can shape and generate specific target lists for customized messaging.

By executing highly targeted marketing campaigns from the lists derived from TravelPoint,  conversion rates increase and marketing expenditures decrease - leading to a 30-50% increase in repeat bookings at a lower marketing cost.

Travel point allows marketer to deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time.

The powerful TravelPoint is the premier tool for travel companies' marketing and sales teams to generate lists that can be used for email marketing, targeted social media campaigns, and systematically targeted ads on the Google and Bing networks. Prospective target lists can simply be furnished to the sales team to integrate into a company's CRM or be utilized for SMS campaigns.

Data privacy and security are our highest priority.  Customer data is only used by an owner of the contact record.

While data from multiple firms are housed in a centralized traveler database, data from each individual company is securely siloed from others.

Powerful tools give you insight and ability to target

You can search and segment your lists along the following data points:

  • Gender
  • Arrival Month
  • Arrival Season
  • Holiday traveler (Christmas, July 4, etc)
  • Inquiry Month
  • State in which the guest resides
  • DMA (top 20)
  • Country in which the guest resides (Non EU only)
  • Booking History
  • Maximum Party Size
  • Children in travel party
  • Maximum budget
  • # of previous bookings
  • Interests (Film Festival, Music Festival, etc)
  • Booking Lead Time
  • Specific Inquiry/Booking Date ranges
  • Specific Arrival Date ranges
  • Age 



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