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Who Is TravelPoint For?

TravelPoint is designed for companies in the Travel industry with at least 10,000 inquiry records and who rely on return business for at least 20% of their business.  The leading-edge vacation rental company Resortia designed this service for companies who would use targeted messaging to reach their customers if it was faster and easier to implement.  Increase repeat bookings by 30-50% and reduce your marketing expenses.

Vacation Property Managers
Vacation Property Managers
Resort Operators
Central Reservation Departments
Central Reservation Departments
Wholesale Travel Companies
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Tour Operators
Excursion Companies
noun_Airplane Ticket_1178137
Travel Agencies
Transportation Companies

Targeted Search Example Results



People 45-54 in DMAs with non-stop flights to Aspen


Men in the eastern time zone who travel to spring golf locations


High-budget individuals who book homes for large non-family groups


Women who travel with kids to South Carolina in July

TravelPoint makes it easier to deliver your message

Build Better Facebook Audiences

Use your lists to retarget your customer base and deliver targeted messages. When you upload to Facebook, your lists can be used to create lookalike audiences as well, which mirror the properties of your most valuable customers in order to find new customers.

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Upgrade Your Email Marketing

Gone are the days of fatiguing your entire list with a broad message, hoping that it will resonate with some of your audience. Create personalized email campaigns that deliver based on any number of factors from location, to gender, previous visiting habits, or even inferred interests.

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Retarget On Google and Bing Display Networks

Use your lists to reach your target on a variety of websites by utilizing Google and Bing's display networks. Deliver your precise message while your customer base shops, works, and accesses entertainment. With Google, you can even deliver personalized ads to the top of their GMail inbox.

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